Stella Starlore

Stella Wheildon was born raised and still resides in the Tweed Valley on the most eastern point of the Australian Continent…… Growing up in the foothills of one of the most significant sacred mountains of the ancient Aboriginal culture,  Wollumbin located on the path way of the sun.

From a very young age, Stella listened and learned the Aboriginal stories from her Komillaroi grandmother, Unita Trindall….. Instilling a strong and vital connection to Nature and interest in the historical, mystical and physical lore’s of the ancient oral indigenous wisdom traditions……She was also a witness to the suppression and denial of the ancient wisdom by contemporary post-colonial systems.

In 1998 Stella commenced an environmental campaign to defend the sacred mountain Wollumbin from industrial mining and deforestation by the crown government…..  This led her to Mrs Marlene Boyd, the Ngarakbal traditional lore holder of the mountain and a direct ‘bloodline to country’ descendant of the Seven Sisters Starlore – the ancient matristic culture of traditions, lore and customs of the Bird Tribes of Australia.

Over the course of a decade Stella worked closely with the Ngarakbal and one of its marriage clan’s the Githabal peoples, learning the lore and using it to protect the land and study native title….. Amassing a vast collection of previously unrecorded ancestral knowledge and studying its profound layers of meaning, Stella became an intrinsic part of the tribe….. She assisted in halting the genocide of the land, lore and language of its ancestral people and the ancient culture they embody.

Stella’s life work has become synonymous to the empowerment of the ancient traditions of the Ngarakbal and the truth of its galactic origin connecting all tribal nations of the earth.

Between 2001 and 2018, Stella has  authored numerous books, dvds, audio and interviews. As well as consulted and lectured on the vast archive of work she created…..  Now writing as Stella Starlore , she is dedicated to bringing this galactic information to a more visible online platform and host tours to sacred starlore sites of the world.






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