Autumnal Equinox from the ALCHERINGA

Autumnal Equinox Blessings Everyone…, just returning from a journey into the stars aboard the “Little Boat” and I wanted to share this with you all

Galactic Grand Cross alignment plotted from Alcheringa Island – Quandamooka – Queensland Australia

This alignment is what was occurring in the heavens as we sailed aboard the Little Boat – it is the galactic alignment of the Grand CROSS which spans the circle of our Milky-way Galaxies ring of constellations …to the tribal cultures it is known as the Wheel of the Year.

I plotted the graphic from Alcheringa Island , East Coast Australia . It illustrates the four major axial points of the Galactic Grand Cross – the stars of the cross are sometimes known as the Four Stars of Persia [from the biblical doctrines] sometimes as the spokes of the Wheel , from the Tribal India cultures…. because we as a planetary peoples are all sharing the same sky it has many ancient interpretations….all of them are correct.

This is how the Grand Galactic Cross looks from our little Island – Autumnal EQUINOX [southern Hemisphere] ALCHERINGA Island – Quandamooka Country – Australia……

For the Aboriginal people , we watch the galactic pentagram as it moves annually through this grand cycle – and in doing so we visually witness the birth, life, death and resurrection cycle of transformation and recreation ….it is intrinsic to our ritual ceremonial life with nature.

When the first missionaries arrived here in the Quandamooka and proclaimed the waters as their own Moreton Bay, these English arrivals told our “Old People” , the Aboriginal inhabitants, about their saviour Jesus Christ being crucified upon a cross ….

Our Old People knew their Matristic Starlore…. They knew about the Grand Galactic Cross and the Matristic Pentagram Cycle of Transformation….it is the basis of our Totemic Skinlore and Kinship Culture – it governs all of life on earth ….so for the Aboriginal people it was easy to identify the northern hemispheres saviour Jesus as being the male aspect of the Matristic Pentagram , and the 12 apostles being the 12 constellations of the galaxy that the Grand Cross moves through, annually.….

Our Old People got what their little brothers were saying about their biblical culture and its starlore correlations immediately – because they are constantly living in harmony with it ….The Starlore governs all of our natural lore’s – we are all from the stars, even our mother earth

But , what the Old People didn’t realise is that the missionaries didn’t understand the Starlore or their own biblical origins from it…..the Missionaries were blind to the natural lore. They did not want to revere the Grandmother or the Mother.

The Northern tribes only had their patriarchal bible to quote from. They had obliterated the female aspect of the Matristic Pentagram – buried and burnt their old world priestesses and priests. Proclaimed the matristic pentagram as evil. Banished it from their laws.

They forgot to connect to the stars.

Our Old World Matristic Culture recognises that we are not above any species on this planet – we are all connected into the grand cycle of constant re-creation. Every single lifeform. We are all one………One Earth One Sky One Lore

This Equinox, go outside , look up and connect into the cosmos from whereever you are on mother earth ….and know that we will be connecting with you from the Alcheringa (the Beginning) of the Grandmother Rainbow Serpent Songline of Australia.

Equinox Blessings Everyone ♥️…..x Stella

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