ALCHERINGA – “The beginning”

Alcheringa Island – Moreton Bay – East Coast Australia

The traditional Lore of the Yoocum-Yoocum Moiety is Matristic Rainbow Serpent Culture.  Commencing from the Alcheringa it is the marriage of the fresh waters and the salt waters.

I am going to share a “Boogaram” [creation lore] with you about the Alcheringa and why it is SO important….and how it starts in the land and waters [geology and hydrology] of the ancient Clarence Moreton Basin of east coast Australia….the lore of Warrazum/Warrajam – Grandmother Rainbow Serpent    

Alcheringa is indelibly linked to the Rainbow Serpent [water serpent] fertility cult of the Old-World tribal culture of Australia…It is the most ancient of the continent’s cultures. It is a Matristic culture – not matriarchal, not patriarchal…It is the Dreamtime Matristic waterlore.

The song[line] of creation commences on the continent’s most easterly geographical sites and then travels right across Australia, following the stars ……BUT the sea levels change throughout time, and so the ancient lore sites move here on earth…But the stars remain the same, and so the Higher Lore NEVER changes.

As above, so below – the creation Lores of Grandmother Rainbow Serpent and the Seven Sisters can be read every evening, across the night sky, like a book…and corresponding terrestrial sites can be visited and rituals performed to commemorate the creation of life on earth.

The grandmothers form can be seen in the southern hemisphere of the Milky Way galaxy

Life on earth began in the tepid primordial waters…. Even human life begins in the tepid waters of the mother’s womb…….We are after all a water planet, with 70% of earth wet…..

The Elders say we are “Clever Water” and a part of the great biological sea which flows through every lifeform on earth…. Their ancient Skinlore teaches how this biological sea [water] is contained in every lifeform, and that it is water which links all earths species together……This is how a tree, or a bird, or a fish or an animal is “my sister or my brother”….because despite our different “skins” we are all connected through sharing the sacred waters of life flowing through our respective physical forms…..this understanding is the basis of our traditional totemic “Skinlore” customs, kinships, rituals and beliefs. 

Commencing in the Alcheringa [the beginning] the songline rites celebrate the union of the salt water and the fresh waters in the ancestral lands of the Yoocum Yoocum Moiety of the most easterly landscape on the East Coast of the Australian continent – in the words of Archibald Metson Cheif Protector of Aborigines “the most extensive dialect in Australia not even excepting the ‘Kamilroi’ and ‘Wirradjerie”….. Geologically this region is known as the Clarence Moreton Basin, and through it flows the fresh waters of Alcheringa Waterfall to merge and mingle with the saltwater’s surrounding Alcheringa Island

Anthropologist Radcliffe -Brown identified the Yoocum Yoocum as – “This large tribe, named in it’s negative [yukum = No] occupying the region of the Richmond and Clarence Rivers in the north of NSW and extending over the Qld Border. Their country extends about 100 miles north and south and about 80 miles east and west.  Within the north there are considerable local differences of dialect, and a number of the sub-tribes are recognised.  The sub-tribe about which I have most information is the Kidjabal of the country at the head of the Clarence River “…Radcliffe Brown 1929A:400


Alcheringa Island is located in the salt waters of Moreton Bay Australia [@ 27.6102° S, 153.3554° E]…… It is a small island which colonial surveyors gazetted as Macleay Island, named for a colonial secretary from the 1820’s……but to the Yoocum Yoocum it has always been “Alcheringa” and very sacred to the Rainbow Serpent Waterlore.

Alcheringa Island is the most easterly volcanic plug from the Tweed [Wollumbin] Volcano eruption of 23 million years ago …. Located 80km to the south of the island the Tweed Wollumbin Caldera is the biggest erosion caldera in the southern hemisphere, and among the largest calderas in the world….. It is also one of the few places in the world where erosion processes have revealed the sedimentary deposits and metamorphic rocks underlying the caldera…….

The Wollumbin volcano erupted when the earth passed over the East Australian Hotspot about 23 million years ago, its lavas [then] erupting through the first ancient layer, the 250-200-million-year-old Brisbane Metamorphic Series, and then spreading out over the secondary layer of the Clarence-Moreton Basin sedimentary floor which was deposited 135-200 million years ago…These three separate eruptions mark three distinct geological epochs which can be clearly identified, and the final stage eruption is the one which birthed ALCHERINGA Island along with the lavas which created the Lamington Plateau where Alcheringa Waterfall is situated…

Alcheringa Waterfall – Headwaters of the Albert River

Today the little enchanted Island of Alcheringa sits protected inside the salt waters of the Quandamooka, the ancestral name for Moreton Bay…Pre-invasion the resident tribes of the Quandamooka were physically linked to the cultural block of the great Yoocum Yoocum Moiety which spanned the Northern NSW and South Eastern Queensland’s most easterly landscape.  That was before the state borders were installed to divide the moiety and conquer the Matristic Rainbow Serpent Lore.    

However, the geological regions of the Yoocum Yoocum estate can still be identified in the rocks and the waters of the Clarence-Moreton Basin, stretching from north of Brisbane in Queensland to south of Grafton in New South Wales including the 500-250-million-year-old Brisbane Metamorphic Series, which are the oldest of the three epochs of geological layers…

Compared to the greater context of the ancient Dreamtime Lore geological metaphors 500-250 million years is relatively recent in the exploits of the Rainbow Serpents Creation  ‘dance’ ….. In actuality the geological story of the Rainbow Serpent creating the very first land begins far, far, far early, in the west of the continent, in the northwest Pilbara, over 3.6 billion years ago….

But because the stars rise on the east of the Australian continent, and the stars themselves are the storyboard, the story is sung backwards- from east to west……….. from the beginning, the ALCHERINGA, is sung way back…I mean way, way, way, way, way back – 3.6 billion years back to the time when the very first land emerged from the primordia waters “Tjookapa Tcheringa” – when the primordial sea covered all of the planet. Long BEFORE the Pilbara began……..and, that “song line” happens EVERY single day & night as sure as the stars rise and travel from east to west, for no human force can ever dream of welding the power to halt the stars.

So every day the Rainbow Serpents Creation Song celebrating the union of the salt and the fresh waters begins from the highest terrestrial freshwater waterfall of the Wollumbin Caldera flowing down to merge with the salt waters of the Quandamooka surrounding Alcheringa Island.….

Eroded Volcanic Plug of the Wollumbin Caldera – looking North east to the

Alcheringa Waterfall, [ @ -28.271390, 153.168415] is located on the Lamington Plateau, the remnant rim of the Wollumbin Caldera in the terrestrial landscape of the SEVEN SISTERS.

To the people Alcheringa Falls symbolises a sacred fountainhead of knowledge, a gift from the Sky Ancestors.

Hydrologically – Alcheringa Waterfall is the headwaters of the Albert River, which flows into the Logan River carving and creating the landscape until it spills out into the salt waters of the QUANDAMOOKAMoreton Bay, into one of the richest Marine environments on the planet – a birthplace of oceanic life

Alcheringa Waterfalls – headwaters of the Albert River flow from the Wollumbin Caldera Rim

In the Quandamooka the fresh water marries the saltwater surrounding the magical Alcheringa Island – Metaphoric Birthplace of Creation and the meeting place of the hot and cold waters of the northern and southern [Gulf Stream] currents where the Whales annually migrate to birth their young in the east of the continent and the “fish-of-all-nations” merge together…..

sacred Alcheringa Island sits protected by the barrier islands of Moreton Bay

The Lore then travels west across Australia, across the vault of heaven – traveling west through the stars – mirrored below by the terrestrial ritual sites …as above so below- traveling together to the west,  to sail over the central desert [ “Tcheringa”] where the first whales went into the ancient water of the inland seas…..the ancient Eromanga Sea

the ancient inland seas where the whale ancestor went into the water

From the central desert the creation song travels on, further west to the Northwest Kimberley [ “Tjookapa Tcheringa” ]…..  metaphorically traveling back in time, but in the present tense of Dreamtime, to revere the OLDEST land on our planet from the Dreamtime past …Way back west to the sacred place where [over 3.6billion years ago] the first forms building the first land emerge from the warm primordial seas, and life on earth began…..

Stromatolites, the commonest type of microbialites, are abundant in western australian rocks older than 500 million years (which cover nearly two-thirds of the State), and are key fossils for understanding the origin and evolution of life

Today the rich waters flowing along the western coast of Australia are known as the Leeuwin Current and are the western birthplace of the WhalesThese majestic beings are an important part of the creation song of the Seven Sisters Dreaming and they continuesinging their own creation songs.

At certain times of the year two distinct [Anubis-like] dogs appear in the evening sky – one faces east, one west on either side of the Matristic cultures “Skinlore” star formation…a huge galactic pentagram formation [a metaphoric galactic waterbag] cyclically links each planet of our tiny solar system back to the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, teaching us about our direct lineage back to the Alcheringa [Beginning] of our universe ….

at certain times of the year the dogs appear in the heavens with the grandmother and the seven sisters

The spirit dogs are very sacred, and their appearance tells the people when to start the initiations ….and, here, down in Yoocum Yoocum country, situated on either side of the Alcheringa Waterfall in the Wiangaree [Seven Sisters lands] are two boulders…. two guardian formations who share the same names as the two celestial guardian dogs….as above-so below, together they guard the sacred Lores of the Alcheringa, fountainhead…Sacred waterbag from the Dreamtime – and source of the biological sea which links all life ..

Thus, the Yoocum Yoocum terrestrial sacred sites [known as “djurebil”] associated with the Alcheringa demonstrate through geology and hydrology the marriage of the freshwater and the salt waters through metaphor…. Using natures Macrocosm to symbolise the Microcosmic “marriage” of cellular increase – the serpentine DNA union of masculine to feminine, positive to negative, the very [metaphoric] building blocks which combine to form life on earth…Simply. Beautifully….and forever.  

celestial Grandmother spirals out of the south celestial pole

Lore, Land and Language are Linked ALWAYS ….as above, so below – At night the stars can be read to reveal the teachings of Grandmother Rainbow Serpent, and the people below sing and dance the creation song, celebrating the Sacred MARRIAGE– recreating and revering the primordial seas from which all life on earth emerged.   

Our songs and dances unify the moieties and define ancestral tribal boundaries and reciprocal relations by sharing the metaphors of Matristic culture we understand the ways we are joined by the waters, not separated by them.  

Matristic Rainbow Serpent Culture has remained unbroken since time immemorial and lives throughout the traditional Lores and customs of associated moieties, such as the Wakka Wakka to the west and the Kabbi Kabbi to the north…. Ritually celebrated at great gatherings, like those held high in the mountains upon the “Mothers Breasts”- Bonyi Bonyi [Bunya Mountains] where the stars are so close and bright and the culture so strong…. and deep aquifers syphoning from the Bunya Mountains, flow down underground to the sacred Blue Lagoon ‘Carahra’ on Moreton Island

Matristic Skinlore of the Wakka wakka and Gubbi Gubbi is linked to the Yoocum Yoocum

From Bonyi Bonyi, [Land of the grandfathers – the original Gondwana geological block] the creation lore journeys on…..Traveling back, back, back through[out] time,  right the way across the great southern continent to the Northwest Pilbara where some of the most spectacular waterfalls on earth nourish the landscape….back to the Grandmother country of the Rainbow Serpent where the first life on land formed .    

First settlers and academics being a patriarchal culture did not deem the women’s [water]lore to be of significance, so they omitted it from their studies.  Instead, they documented the men’s Lores to compare to their own…. they didn’t realise the ancestral lore was not matriarchal, but Matristic…and that Matristic encompasses BOTH Male and Female and celebrates their UNION…..  Ironically, this deliberate omission of Matristic culture served to preserve the Rainbow Serpent/Seven Sisters fertility cult from the dispossession processes of invasion and settlement which the documented men’s facet of the lore has suffered…..

Unlike Patriarchal and Matriarchal cultures which are both concerned about ownership and tenure of land and resources, the MATRISTIC culture is only concerned about belonging and the inherited obligations of preserving and protecting the land and water to which all life depends.

Matristic Culture seemingly scares the patriarchal government systems…. all their new word law is patriarchal, so the Matristic cultures altruistic ethos of belonging to land as opposed to owning land is perceived as threatening to their patriarchal tenure, especially since Native Title Legislation was created in 1993.

Since first invasion the patriarchal systems have tried desperately to erase the old-world matristic culture, omitting it from historical records, changing the ancestral place names on maps [because maps are legal proof of tenure] and sanitising historical data as much as possible ….

Their propensity to renaming sacred sites has always been an effective administrative manoeuvre in eliminating tribal culture from hindering their patriarchal governance agendas…….. Claiming by Renaming – they have done it [do it] all over the planet.

Currently there is a push to rename Macleay Island to “Jencoomercha” which although it’s translation means sacred place was just a word given to first invaders of the area as an alternative to the higher lore associations of the true meaning of the island ALCHERINGA ….”jencoomercha” is yet another watered-down name that diminishes authentic Matristic Rainbow Serpent Cultural association…. This serves to further dispossess the Origine’ people from their ancestral lore and its sacred heritage….

The Local shire maps of only a few years ago recognised the name of the island as ALCHERINGA …..Leaving little doubt that this administrative renaming “juggling act” is occurring at precisely the same time that the Quandamooka Coast Claim [ Native Title]  has been filed over Alcheringa Island in the federal court [case file # QUD 126/2017]  available by clicking this hyperlink …..Changing the ancient name of Alcheringa Island is effectively genocide of the Rainbow Serpent Culture by the stroke of a Pen.  

Sydney Rollands – Winyeeaba Murriaba – whose descendants hold Matristic lore of the Quandamooka

Genocidal acts such as this occur because aboriginal government departments and lands councils are not representative or inclusive of local moiety descendants who ‘hold’ the Old World matristic culture…Added to this Aboriginal government systems do not have transparency or disclosure requirements in their legislations – making it easy for administrative changes to occur despite the will of the people …..the patriarchy exploits this loophole to grand effect – apparently determined to kill the women’s serpent culture here just as they did in the northern hemisphere millennia ago…

For thousands of years global culture and the planet itself has been impoverished because of the combatant rape/pillage and conquering ethos of the patriarchy hellbent on dominating and controlling everything on earth by eradicating anything and anyone who came before them, and they have done a pretty good job, but try as they might they will NEVER be able to erase it from the Australian waters, from the hearts and minds of the aboriginal people,  from the whales,  or from the stars..

“We are the light end of the feather, the aboriginal people

They may take our land, but they will never take our Bootheram

It was made in the mountains, it is made in the waters

It is strong in the lands

They will never take it”…..

Millie Boyd – CleverWoman  

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