Aboriginal Creation Lore of the Gold Coast & Northern Rivers Basalt Headlands

lamington National park

All creation Bootheram [Dreaming Lore]  is told in metaphor… Bootheram of the journeys and adventures of the Sky Ancestors describing significant geological and climatic events…

“I want to share with a Bootheram about the creation of the Gold Coast & Northern Rivers Headlands…..its a Bootheram about Honey and the Echidna”…

“In the ancestral Yoocum Yoocum moiety they call the Echidna, Booninj, he is the Porcupine….Porcupines are VERY ancient creatures – they are the oldest surviving mammal on earth from the Paleogene Period….back when the land was first forming, here on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers” 

Yar - Birrain

“When Nguthungulli first sent YarBirrain [Jabirngehyn] to earth, the earth was very new- Grandmother Rainbow Serpent had brought the waters. Wiangaree, the Seven Sisters made the springs; then Yar-Birrain , and his wife ‘Wudhulbulahgan’ arrived  into the paradise that Nguthungulli created in the east ..”..

Yar - Birrians Body in the landscape - 5 volcanos“Yar Birrain  [Jabirngehyn] is a metaphor for the huge shield volcano, who’s covering eruptions smothered the surrounding landscape with layers of basalt lava flows about 25million years ago……… By the time the eruptions had ceased, Yar-Birrain had risen from the seafloor to a height of 2km and a diameter of about 200km, forming a vast dome stretching south to Lismore, west to Mount Lindsay north to Gympie and North West to the Bunya Mountains , creating the geological plugs of the Glass House Mountains and including Tamborine Mountain on the Gold Coast…. Tamborine is the closest the colonial settlers could get to saying Yar-Birrain  [Jabirngehyn] ”….

Tamborine - Yar Birrain

” Yar Birrain is the centerpiece of the Ngarakbal [Yoocum Yoocum] ancestral estate…BUT Yar-Birrain is one of a chain of five eastern volcanoes that once formed a super volcano across this vast area in the primordial past – known as Oobi Oobi – Nguthungulli’s sacred crystal mountain”…

cooks map of byron bay
Captain Cooks 1770  map showing the east coast  of Australia and Mount Warning – charted  on his voyage to re-map New Holland for the British – BEFORE BORDERS

logo-granny-grandfather3 - labelled“Charlotte Brown inherited the custodianship of Yar Birrain Lore from her Great Grandfather King Brown of Wollumbin who was the keeper of the first Origine’ Lore of this continent – He had defied the occupying British authorities and was banished to the labour camps of south east Queensland – Maryborough, Tewantin and Barrambah – far from his ancestral homelands”..

“King Brown had passed on the lore to his surviving family at a desperate time in colonial Origine’ history…… and Charlotte held it safe and taught her people about the Rainbow Serpent and Nguthungulli, our Father and Yar Birrain the creator God – the Sky Hero Ancestors” …..

“All creation Bootheram, Dreaming Lore,  is told in metaphor… Bootheram of the journeys and adventures of the Sky Ancestors are describing significant geological events, often using native species as descriptive’s and as epoch markers” …..

“The portion of the Bootheram Lore telling of Yar-Birrain’s eruptions [Jabirngehyn] occur across the three volcanoes of Tweed Volcano, Focal Peak Volcano, and the Maleny Volcanothe Glasshouse Mountains, on the Sunshine Coast.. those three volcanoes began at the same time”……

obi obi mt wrning yar birrain mt tamborine with dialect
LORE LAND & LANGUAGE are LINKED ….derivatives of Birrain are found in the dialects of surrounding ancestral estates of the cross border region of NSW and Queensland Australia

“Main Range Volcano and the Bunya Volcano are older, from the time of Barambah, the Grandfathers ….But the full creation lore of all five volcanoes Bootheram’s are sung together – All linked by the Rainbow Serpent and Seven Sisters Creation Lore’s”….

“The gazettal of the New South Wales and Queensland Border by the occupying British Commonwealth severed the ancestral lore most effectively…….. The Rainbow Serpent Matristic Traditions, Lore’s and Customs were forced underground to survive…… They are still being ignored by the authorities today…which is an act of GENOCIDE”……

“I’m going to share with you the Bootheram which tells about the Gold Coast and Tweed Byron region of the Ngarakbul lore of this Creation – where I was born and raised ” ….

 “The old people say that when Yar-Birrain arrived in his Father’s paradise, he was drawn irresistibly to the sparkling surf…. He dropped his weapon’s on the beach and plunged into the primordial waters, swimming out to the horizon and back……that’s a metaphor explaining that the original Shield Volcano used to extend far out into the sea”…

“When Yar-Birrain [Jabirngehyn] arrived back on the beach he picked up his huge war club or Waddy….. the ground still clung to it…….suddenly the lava rose from the sea… rising up, following the waddy like iron follows a magnet”…..

mt Tamborine2
View of the Gold Coast glitter strip from Mount Tamborine

“This is how the earliest rocky outcrops and islands of the Queensland Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Coast lines were created….the magnetic Waddy of Yar-Birrain”……

“After this period of creation work, Yar- Birrain became very hungry……So he rose up and began to  journey west, travelling deep into the prehistoric  forest to find food”…


“He came to a gigantic tree, Djalgumboonj – Mount Lindsay…that mountain was once a tree made by Nguthungulli way back in the Dreamtime”…..

“Yar-Birrain cut a vine to use as a rope to climb that tree…and as he climbed he cut footholds with his axe…up and up he climbed to cut a ‘sugar bag’ or bees nest from high in the trunk………. Sugar Bag Honey is made by the djagabar the little black native bee… In the dreamtime the Githabul Bird Tribes would make camp near the base of Mount Barney, which they call Budhurguhmu…………. Budhurguhmu is next to Djalgumboonj,  on the Queensland side of the McPherson Range,   The Githabul would go to collect that same honey at Budhurguhmu…and there is a djurebil [sacred site] for the increase of Booninj– echidna, there also” ….

Booninj – an ancient epoch totem
Spiral Honeycomb of our native bees 

“After descending the sacred tree, Yar-Birrain [Jabirngehyn] gorged himself with honey, gudhe, and then he turned back to the beach and sat at the water’s edge to wash off the sticky nectar”…

“As Yar Birrain washed his hands bits of honeycomb floated away, first creating the little headland of Burleigh, called Djellurgal (bee’s nest)….but  some of that honeycomb floated out to sea and formed islands,  which are now undersea mountains……But way back in the Dreamtime the sea extended out much further than it does today ….and there were honeycombed basalt islands, like Cook Island off Booninjba, Fingal…others can still be seen along the coast , like Boggangaree Headland at Cudgen, and  Ballina and Lennox”….

windarra banks

“Yar-Birrain was still hungry, so he stood and stretched up to his full height…. pushing his arms toward the sky he sang a prayer of thanks and praise to Nguthungulli, his father, for creating such a land of paradise, and he asked him to make it even more abundant….. to send more good food to eat”….

“Such was Nguthungulli, God’s, power, that the level ground again rose up, stopping when it reached the height of Yar-Birrain’s  [Jabirngehyn] fingertips…..the headlands had appeared and they were Echidna Booninj..burrowing into the sand”…..

“All along the coastline the Booninj arose…. the honeycomb shaped basalt of Booninjba [Fingal Headland], Cooloon Booninj– [Point Danger]…and Pooningba [Big Burleigh], Bogangaree, Byron, Lennox……the floating Honeycomb Yar Birrain washed from his hands  in the Paleogene Period –the metaphorical epoch we call Booninj – the Echidna…..way back in the Dreamtime, that’s how our spiral caldera rose into creation from the primal water ”..


tyagrah water spirals - north of byron 11 june 2014 - super moon - They are giant eddies formed from strong long shore current interacting with the rip and underwater topography. Basically just two different
Spiral Eddies of the Full moon  at Billinudgel – Yelgun

“The metaphors of the Bootheram Lore has deep layer and meaning which takes a lifetime to learn….bringing together all the natural sciences that explains creation of all life on this beautiful planet…..using Lore,Language, Sky and Land to link every thing and every one”…

Fingal basalt
Basalt Columns, like these at Fingal Headland – can be found all along the coast of the cross border region …the metaphoric Honeycomb washed off by Yar Birrain

“That’s the Yoocum Yoocum Matristic Lore of the geological creation of the sacred ancestral land  which is now known as the Gold Coast, Tweed Valley and Focal Peak Volcanos and how it geologically connects to the Sunshine Coast and Bunya Mountains …..From before the colonial border was put in  ………and, its also WHY the colonial border was deliberately put specifically where it is …..to divide the people and destroy the ancient culture of this land….”………

All Cultural and Intellectual Copyright [Moral Rights] of the Ngarakbal Githabul is protected under international lore….

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