Joongarnarian – Mount Razorback – Lamington National Park

Mount Razorback - Lamington NPJoongarnarian – Mount Razorback – in the Lamington National Park is a significant creation sites for all of the Bird Tribes… is the very first Corroboree Ring on this continent.

“I want to share with you an important creation Lore of the Origine’ ancestors of the Tweed and Focal Peak Volcanoes, the Ngarakbul and Githabul clans –  of the Feathered Serpents, or Bird Tribes, the Yoocum Yoocum moiety and how the birds created the first Corroboree Ring in Australia and made all of the ancestral tribes, and gave each tribe their languages”….

“Their ancient lore states that they didn’t come to this land, from another place …..they were already here –  they were made here,  by Nguthungulli. their God. Way back in the alcheringa, which is their Ngarakbul Githabul word for ‘in the beginning”…

“This Bootheram involves a ‘complex’ of connected Djurebil, sacred sites of lore,  located high on the Mesa of the Wollumbin Caldera……but kept quiet deliberately severed, by a colonial gazetted border – half on one side – in the  Lamington Plateau of the McPherson Ranges in Queensland  and the other half on the New South Wales  side of the border, in the Border Ranges,  which the Ngarakbul and Githabul call Wiangaree before occupation  and Wiangaree is the Ngarakbul Githabul word  for the Pleiades  ”……

“Before it was named the Lamington National Park , the same forest was known to the Origine’ peoples as Joongarnarian , which means Place where the Pelican played in Yoocum Yoocum dialect….and Mount Razorback, is where Old Pelican flew, way back in the Dreamtime and created the very first Bora ground  ”….

“The whole of the Wollumbin Caldera rim has many significant Feathered Serpent Starlore, Marriage Lore, Creation Lore and Increase and initiation ritual sites, which are called ‘Djurebil’ …….Joongarnarian is one of the most sacred “.…..

“ Colonial forces targeting the most powerful djurebil Bootheram sites….have attempted to sever the head of the Rainbow Serpent…..and so it went ‘underground’ to survive…but now it is time to bring this truth out of the darkness and back  into the light “….

“Tribes would travel from all over the ancestral estates to attend star ceremonies at the Coowarragum Lore Ring ‘complex’ below the Pinnacle to celebrate marriage, seasonal harvest, the elements and the Sky Ancestor spirits ………and, when the time was right, it was also a centre for initiates, male and female, to attend their ‘Nyirgi’ training for initiation through the First Rule; and ‘Magihyn‘ – second level initiation lore”…….

Turtle rock“Burrigan, the Sky Ancestor was in charge of the Youara-Ngurrugin Bora ring lore, which is aa significant Landscape feature of ”Joongarnarian” – Lamington Plateau …. most all the most sacred Bootheram djurebil are connected…just as all the stars are connected in the sky”….

”Joongarnarian became the Lamington National Park in 1915….. Githabul Elder, Euston Williams, was the chainman for Phinney MacPherson who surveyed and named the rugged Mcpherson Ranges of the New South Wales Queensland Border with the Roberts survey expedition….and Lamington Plateau is located in the McPherson Ranges.  “……..

“Though the Border Ranges, on the New South Wales side of the state border, was acknowledged as being a portion of the Githabul ancestral estate through the process of Native Title, it still has never had its ancient sacredness as the abode of the Rainbow Serpent recognised and restored ……and only joint managements rights were given to the Githabul, not full tenure, as they had sort”……Githabul determination area

“This action is very hurtful, ‘barahynwena’, to their true Origine’ culture and identity and the connections it gives to the other ancestral tribes of Australia who are also becoming dispossessed from their Rainbow Serpent Lore “…..


Nguthungulli, the Rainbow Serpent  and Wiangaree, the Seven Sisters created the earth and the ancestral beings….ancient prehistoric goanna’s, and gigantic animals, including the bird ancestors……we descend from them….that is why they are totems”…… 

cross border map - Dyrabaa“Way back in the Dreamtime the birds had flown from Mount Brown on the Richmond Range to claim the prehistorical landscape from the ancient goanna beings….. The birds are the feathered serpents , and they created the ancestor tribes…..The birds gave the tribes their language, songlines, territories and pathways”….


view to mt brown
View to Mount Brown – on the Richmond Range

Mount Brown is where all the birds got together and spoke their language….  They was talking Gullyval, Muli, Gidabal,  and this giant prehistoric bird came up and frightened them…….Parrot flew down there to Evans Head, that’s how there came to be the Bandjalang tribe……  And the wounded parrot flew back near Lismore and then out to Casino….. You can see a gully there, and they reckon the waters blood red, where he settled……..Turkey flew to Yar-Birrain, Mount Warning, got wounded, and  claimed the territory for the Ngarakbul“……and Pelican, Jongurra, flew to the Razorback Mountain, called out to all the ancestor birds and invited them to the first ‘nahrean’, which means dance, or corroboree”….

“Razorback Mountain, is a long mountain ridge running up to the Lamington Plateau through the Lost World portion of the Lamington National ParkJongurranahrean (DHUNGURA_NGARIAN) is the Pelican Dancing Ground.”…..

Mount Razorback - lamington National park“Today’s Tweed Byron Aboriginal Corporations in Tweed Shire Council area, funded and endorsed by government authorities,  have incorrectly claimed Observatory Hill at Tweed Heads as being the Razorback ancestral site … When this happens ancient lore becomes lost and culture fades….then ‘proper- way’ transference of lore through Kinship Skinlore and Ritual is ignored…….This type of ignorance allows corruption to flourish and endorses cultural genocide …which delights the government ”….Tweed Shire NSW Signage - Razorback

“As the first sites of the Sky Ancestors creation in Australia, the Ngarakbul and Githabul are responsible for maintaining the true culture of this continent in the location of first light – protecting land and waters and all its inhabitants, just as the old people did since the dreamtime…Bootheram can never be changed….it is natural lore given by the creator Nguthungulli”….

“I want to share with you this Bootheram of the first ritual corroboree of the Bird Tribes in the Dreamtime …..“it is called “Joongarnarian – The Pelican Dancing Ground … sounds like a simple fable, but to the higher initiate it is the Lore of how the very first tribes were created “…….

Mr james Morgan - Dyrabaa tribe - Githabul Country
James Morgan – Dyrabaa Tribe – Githabul Country

“This Bootheram was narrated by James Morgan of the Dyrabaa tribe in Githabul country, in 1957 it was collected from Mr. Morgan by Mildred Norledge and Published in 1968 by AH & AW REED – in  Aboriginal Legends from Eastern Australia by  Professor Elkin – Emeritus Professor of Anthropology – from the University of Sydney who knew the old people and served on the same Aboriginal board as James Morgan – the Aboriginal Welfare Board of New South Wales  ……

James Morgan was a full-blooded Githabul Ngarakbul representative on that board ……. This was his djurebil, his sacred lore story, which he held for his land and his people

It was also broadcast on Radio……

Joongarnarian It goes like this”……

“…..In the time which is the Bootheram, or the Dreamtime, there lived an old Pelican who played on a plateau…the name of the plateau was Joongarnarian, which means “where the pelican played”.  The corroboree ring of the pelican was on the plateau of Joongarnarian.”

“In the Bootheram all the birds were the same colour but one day they decided that it would be much better if they were not all the same, so they painted themselves in different colours.  From that time they have kept the colours that they painted themselves on the plateau of Joongarnarian”….

“The Crow painted himself black.”

“The paint that he used was made from burnt bark of the Bloodwood tree.”

“The magpie painted himself black too, but he also used ‘dullong’ or white clay and he became a bird with black and white feathers.”

”The parrots adorned themselves with bright paints of many colours….. And all the birds chose the colours they liked best…..

Then the birds gathered together for a corroboree on the plateau of Joongarnarian.”….

”One day, Old Man Pelican, who was very fat, was walking away from the corroboree ring when he heard someone laughing.

He turned around to see who was laughing and saw that it was the crow

The crow was laughing at him, laughing at the way he walked because he was so fat….”…

”Because the crow had laughed at him Old Man Pelican picked up a piece of the dullong and threw it at the Crow…..”…..

”The piece of clay hit the Crow in the eye and to this day the white in the eye of the crow can be seen where Old Man Pelican hit him……”

“This ancient Lore links people to country, governs ritual and ceremonial traditions, and through proper Skinlore Marriage given by Sky Ancestors, ancestral ties remain unbroken since the alcheringa – ‘the beginning”……

All Cultural and Intellectual Copyright [Moral Rights] of the Ngarakbal Githabul is protected under international lore….

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