Nimbingj – Nimbin Rocks

Nimbingj – Nimbin Rocks – is a central significant sacred site of Lore for the Ngarakbul & Githabul moiety…


“I want to share with you a creation Bootheram about Nimbin Rocks or Nimbingj which the Origine’ people know of as a place of restoration of ancestral Lore and Knowledge…….The rocks are a sacred men’s djurebil and nearby is the sacred women’s djurebil of ‘Biorgini , Lillian Rocks and Hanging Rock ….all important creation sites of the sacred Women’s Water Lore “.

“Male lore can’t exist without female lore, and nor can female without male  – both operate together ….sharing the same Milkyway as the creation storyline,  but one  interpretation for the women and another one for the men ….this confuses a lot of people who are mixing the two together, not realising the lore isn’t just terrestrial but also celestial ” …….  Hanging Rock Falls  This is a Ngarakbul Githabul  Bootheram about the resurrection cycle  of the ancient lore…..which can seen in annual star cycles……… but it also, at the same time,  depicts a historical event about a time of upheaval,  way back when the earth was forming and the people needed strong leaders to survive the challenges of primordial existence”…

“Bootheram is sacred and can never be changed ….it is written in the stars… has no need for books or libraries or even google….it requires initiation to decipher the magnitude of what is constant and galactic…. and it is there to protect us”

“The Bootheram of Nimbin Rocks  is one of the most sacred djurebil… and It goes like this “

“Way back in the dreaming the ancient volcano landscape was covered in a gigantic forest of huge Hoop Pine , Red Cedar and Ti-trees trees – the whole land was lush and green and abundant”.Toonumbar_National_Park_Murray_Scrub_January_1995 “This primordial landscape was the home of ancient Carpetsnake and Goanna  clans, Ngarakbul and Githabul ancestors….this same sacred land has been their home ever since the dreamtime creator Nguthungulli [God] made the lore to align with the land which the Rainbow Serpent had carved in the ‘alcheringa’, which in their language means ‘in the beginning”. 

“In the alcheringa, the beginning, Nguthungulli travelled  from the east across the landscape with his dog Korung .  Everywhere he walked creation song he sung… He named the land Nguthumbung – [Woodenbong] – which means a place of godliness.  And as he sang the land was seeded with all the plants and animals….and he gave them all their names and gave each of them their own language and lore”.  

The Minmij Men, were clevermen, and they lived on Mount Brown-  on the Richmond Range – This is a very sacred mountain where all the bird tribes, the feathered serpents, had once flown from – after one of the great floods…..all the birds got together, and were talking their ‘lingo’ when a big bird came up and frightened them…..those birds then flew out to each claim their territories ….this is how all of our clans and tribes-people were created and given the gift of language …this happened in the alcheringa, way back in the dreamtime”. 

“We are the bird tribes of Australia.  The Feathered Serpents,  and we come from the eye of the Emu”……

nguthungulli-walking-across-sky“Those Minmij Men flew from Mount Brown out over the gigantic forests and settled  to form the Nimbin Rocks….They made those rocks a fortress to protect the lands and lore’s way back in that primordial time”….

“These rocks were later a place of a great war …this occurred after the great ‘war in the centre of the earth’ had sent a wave of refugees south, into the lands of the birdtribes”….

The rocks stand in formation –  looking out East, West, North, South, –  Those Minmij men are still there today …….looking out and protecting the sacred traditions, lore, culture, knowledge and people for eternity”.

Nimbin Rocks - sepia


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