Australia…Marco Polo’s Island of GOLD

Here is further proof of the theft of Australia, and the cover-up of that theft by destroying the maps….which they STILL do today…the following story appeared in the Canberra Times on the 18th of January 2014….it was posted on a facebook thread of my previous blog by an angel named Silvia ….its so wonderful that the truth of what our ‘Original Elders’ held for centuries is coming out at last….thanx Silvia….

Wrong turn over the first maps of Australia’s coasts

January 18, 2014
Historian and author Peter Trickett in front of the National Library of Australia with a replica of the map from the 1547 Vallard Atlas depicting the East Coast of Australia drawn 223 years before Captain Cook. Photo: Jeffrey Cha

Peter Trickett

Why is the National Library hiding away the first maps of Australia’s coasts – made by the Portuguese?

……….”the voyage that led to these discoveries, its origins are to be found in Portugal in 1519. By then, a mere two decades after Vasco da Gama’s epic voyage to India, Portugal under King Manuel I had been transformed from one of Europe’s poorest countries to one of its richest, thanks to its monopoly of the spice trade from the East.

But one other lucrative prize still remained to be found – Marco Polo’s fabulous ”Island of Gold, the world’s largest island”, said to lie ”south-east of Sumatra” (in present-day terms, in the vicinity of Australia)….”.

…”So why is the NLA not displaying either of its newly acquired Dieppe maps in its blockbuster exhibition?……The library’s stated reason (when asked) for not putting its Desceliers map on display is that this is not the original. Strictly speaking this is true – but then the original no longer exists, having been destroyed by a fire in 1915….”

Another Fire????……well it worked for the Romans in Egypt

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