Aboriginal Significance of Mount Warning/Wollumbin

The Ngarakbal and Githabul are the descendants of the ancient ‘Bird Tribes’ of Australia…..They call their Dreamtime, ‘Bootheram’….In 1977 Howard Creamer an Anthropologist for Australian National Parks and Wildlife Services recorded many  of the significant cultural sites within the Ngarakbal Githabal lands as part of the governments Aboriginal Sites Survey…This is the Significance of Mount Warning…..

king Brown -Woolumba
Great Grandfather – King Johnny Brown -Woolumba …Father of King Billy Brown Snr

The Ngarakbal and Githabal have witnessed many arrivals into their homelands. Some came in peace, others in war… Many cultures from far away lands have come to this beautiful place over the thousands and thousands of generations just as they come today…and with each arrival, or conquest the Yoocum Yoocum have encompassed these event into their ancestral Bootheram [Dreaming Lore]  – oral traditions, songs and dances of the historical truths about the events that took place in their ancestral lands…because Bootheram is not only the story of the land and all its biological inhabitants, plants and animals, but also the story of the all the peoples who have ever come to this ancient Volcano….the Abode of the Rainbow Serpent.

The Ngarakbal and Githabal refer to themselves as keepers of the ‘Feathered Serpent Lore traditions’ – The Bird Tribes…Birds are the Feathered Serpents, the descendants of the Goanna [dinosaurs]…and the Ngarakbal and Githabal are the descendants of the Bird Tribes…thus,  the Ngarakbal and Githabal are the ancient ancestral moieties of this landscape….They did not come here, they were always here…There lore tells of how they were made here…This ‘knowing’ is held in their Bootheram lore [Dreaming]…..The birds gave them their Lore, their land, and their LANGUAGE….They are the Bird Tribes ……the keepers of the Starlore  …

The Ngarakbal and Githabul are one of the most studied tribal groups on the continent.. Their Dreaming stories [Bootheram], their skinlore kinships and even their blood….In 1928 the Medical Journal of Australia records King Billy Brown’s grandson, Henry Brown of Kyogle…..Henry Browns tribal name was Dumbal and he was one of the seven Brown siblings – Three Brown brothers  and three Brown sisters……and one of those sisters was named Charlotte…..Charlotte Brown grew to marry Euston Williams of Woodenbong and together they had nineteen children….

medical journal 1928

The Aboriginal and Anthropological Significance of Mt Warning/Wollumbin  was recorded by Howard Creamer for the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service in 1997…..below is an extract of the  transcript of the site registration, and  I have attached the original site registration…and the original audio file that Howard Creamer gave me…..

Aboriginal and Anthropological Significance of the Site Wollumbin recorded by Howard Creamer, Anthropologist for Australian National Parks and Wildlife Services…

The following information on Wollumbin was recorded by Mrs Milly Boyd [nee Williams] of Woodenbong…see original national parks data below….Milly was born at Woodenbong around 1910 and comes from there but her mother, Charlotte Brown, and her husband, Chris Boyd, were from the Tweed Valley area  so Milly and her family have maintained links there all her life. ……….. Woodenbong is in the traditional territory of the Gidabal people, while Wollumbin is in Nerackbal [sic – Ngarakbul]  country. There are today very few people who identify as Nerackbal and the Tweed Valley is now perceived by most people as being within the area of the large Bunjalung tribal language group.  The following transcript of a tape recording made in December 1977 with Millie Boyd explains the significance of the site:

milli boyd [nee Williams]

See they’re three sisters those – there’s Wollumbin, Mebbini, Byorgini that Nimbin Mountain.  That‘s my mothers’s mother’s mountain.  That’s Byorgini and in the middle that’s Mebbini and Wollumbin in the front, like that, you can see it. That’s Mebbini, that story came from here, from Mt Brown, you know where all the birds got together and spoke their lingo and this big bird came up and frightened them. They was talking Gullyval, Muli, Gidabal.  Magpie flew somewhere else.  Parrot flew down there to Evans Head, that’s how thee came to be Bundjalung.  And the wounded parrot flew back right near Lismore out to Casino, you see a gully there,  they reckon the waters blood there, red, where he settled.  And Turkey flew back there, wounded.  That’s why Mt. Warning got that little bend in his neck.  That’s why that National Park,  they look after it very well.

Wollumbin,  that’s a wild turkey.  He flew from Mount Brown to Mount Warning and he stood right on the point and he was wounded on the head with a spear.  That’s why there’s a little point there on the top,  you take good notice today when we get down there.  Yeerin’s there,  that’s where the fairies come from.  He carried the gold there,  right on the point….[Milli sings the song Wollumbin]

Below is the actual Australian National Parks and Wildlife site registration of Wollumbin

Mt Warning Rego #2 of 2

And…..further below is the original recording that Creamer made of Milly Boyd telling him the significance of Wollumbin and associated sites within the Ngarakbal and Githabal areas…..

“Biorgini”- Blue Knob, Mt Burrell – Wind Spirit….”Mebbini, Momoli” – Lofts Pinnacle -Eaglehawk….and “Wullumban” , Wollumbin – Turkey

Wiangaree - 7 sisters

This is just one of many audio files made by Howard Creamer that explain how the Birds gave the Ngarakbal Githabal their Language, Lore and Land…

And here is Milly singing the Wollumbin song – from the short film Eelemarni ….made in 1988 with her niece, Lorraine Mafi Williams….Eelemarni depicts the Beginning of the Seven Sisters Dreaming Lore of the Milky Way……an important facet of the Skinlore Kinships and lores of the oldest unbroken culture on the planet…the ancient Rainbow Serpent Lore from the Stars


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