The Totemic Ngarakbal and Githabal sites are [naturally] named with Ngarakbal and Githabal’s dialect linguistics…This ancient language identifies the names of the totemic ancestral creators…the names of  the ‘Skin’s…the names from the Bootheram [Dreaming Lores] …

Lore, Language and Land are linked…and should never be changed.

“The Birds gave us our language….. We are the Bird Tribes”….Marlene Boyd – Ngarakbal

Oceania Early Discoveries

Claiming by Renaming

Contemporary Academics have stealthily placed the Ngarakbal into an administrative pidgeonholed dialect classification of the ‘Bundjalung’…and refer to it as a Nation….when culturally Bundjalung [proper] was a tribal clan of the Widgibil.

There is NO Evidence within the early Ethno-historical records  to support the contemporary governance concept of a cultural bloc now promoted as ‘BUNDJALUNG NATION’ being associated with this area of Australia,  or of a Tribal group known as the BUNDJALUNG ever having any access or ‘rights’ to either the Ngarakbal or it’s marriage clan the Githabal Tribal Estates.

The incorrect placement of the Ngarakbal and it’s associated moieties has caused much unneeded confusion, frustration and suffering within the communites…but it has a foundation of political law that was used to claim the Continent of Australia…

This commenced when Major Thomas Mitchell the first surveyor General of NSW, under orders from the Crown to establish a claim of proprietorship over the then most distance and elusive parts of the continent was ordered to do on land what Captain James Cook had done from the sea…to go out and map and NAME all the major geographical features…

Mapping and naming were the prerequisite functions, before the action of tilling the soil, for the British to legally claim this continent. And so Mitchell went out to map and name and thus takes legal possession of the continent of Australia. The crown gave explicate orders for the Aboriginal names to be used…it did this for the very important legal reason of establishing TENURE over Terra Nullus, the unclaimed east coast of New Holland, as Australia was then known.

Major Thomas Mitchell the first surveyor General of NSW
Major Thomas Mitchell the first surveyor General of NSW

As Mitchell stated…..“The great convenience in using native names is obvious…so long as any of the Aborigines can be found in the neighbourhood…future travellers may verify my map.  Whereas new names are of no use in this respect…..”…..

Thus by using the Aboriginal names…the British could prove their legal tenure over the lands….and more importantly it was a subtle way of partially satisfying the need to claim moral proprietorship over an alien land with pre-existing occupiers…by naming places with their Aboriginal name,  the British were taking the Aboriginal name for their own just as they were taking the land for their own…Similarly the taking of Aboriginal names deepened those links to the new landscape while at the same time according a superficial respect to the Aborigines who’s name it was…[D Day – Claiming A Continent 2003]

Today the same thing is happening…the UN is [seemingly] funding the renaming of Australian geographical place names…and this process appears to be now dispossessing the British [Crown] tenure of Australia by selling off the crown properties; and further dispossess ancestral Aboriginal moieties by using the Aboriginal Lands Councils against them in much the same process as the Native Police was used before.

Created in 1848 the Native Police were a typical product of ruthless frontier pragmatism.  The aim was simple:  set an Aboriginal person to kill an Aboriginal person…..Mathews; Landscapes of Change Vol1: Ch4:21

To hasten this claim to legal proprietorship of the continent the crown and the parliament gave the order for the Native Police Magistrates to collect the language and names of the sites in the region…the Native Police had been sent to operate in the Tweed and Woodenbong cross border regions from 1849….for 30 years, until 1879, the Native Police had one order…to disperse the Aboriginals, for the coming of the pioneer settler [and enforce the proprietorship of the crown over the gold fields]. …But more on that later….


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