Transcontinental Songline begins in Ngarakbal Githabal Country

Creative journeys abound in  Aboriginal Mythology. Two cross the Australian continent & begin from ‘Cugin’ [Cudgen] in the ancestral lands of the Ngarakbal Githabal moieties….


The following Bootheram is called the Fairy Emu Dreaming and is one of several ‘Bootherams [Dreaming Lores] about the totemic journey of the ancestor creator spirits across the land.  49339089_2228406087219984_6439317606443778048_nIt was recorded by Roland Robinson and published in his book, The nearest the White Man gets….The only recording of the Fairy Emu Dreaming was from Charlotte Brown in the 1950’s , to Roland Robinson…….Charlotte Brown was the Ngarakbal wife of Githabal man Euston Williams… They had a tribal marriage – traditional skinlore kinship custom….of two marriage clans of the Yoocum Yoocum
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Marlene Boyd, one of the Granddaughter’s of Charlotte Brown requested that Julian Rocks be registered and protected – using the Fairy Emu Dreaming – in 2003 

And so it was 

Ngarakbal Githabul SkyHero Nguthungulli [Our Father] commences his creation of the lore 

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The Fairy Emu Dreaming – by Charlotte Williams [nee Brown] 

…”….A big rock stands in the sea six miles from Byron Bay

A man named Nguthungulli made that rock. Nguthungulli is our Father.

He’s the Father of the whole world.

He’s the man we’ve got to be afraid of.

No matter what we do wrong, or where we do it, He’ll know.

 And no man has seen Him.

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“….Nguthungulli had a cave in the rock.  After he made the rock, he told the four fairy woman, ‘gilarmavell’, to stay there…”.

“….Then he went away from there and walked inland from the coast.  He traveled over the mountains with his dog Korung.  He had a walking stick, and when he put the stick into the ground He left behind a stone like a basin..”…..

…”As he traveled He left the bean-trees, and He named the different places on His journey.  He named Woodenbong [where we are now], Nguthumbung.”

“He went over the range to the head of the Condamine.  When he knelt down at the river to drink, He left his handprints there in the stone…”…….

“….Nguthungulli went away out into the desert, towards the sunset.  In our language we say that Nguthungulli is away out in the Borrgorr now that means the sea. …”…..

“…The old people knew that the sea was out there.  They knew that whichever way the butheram, the story of Nguthungalli went, it was towards the sea, Borrgorr.  You can hear the sound of the sea in that word.  They had seen then that we were on an island.”……….

“….Nguthungulli has big rocks in the Borrgorr,  the sea, where he lives today.  Out in the caves in those rocks in the sea, Nguthungulli has four daughters and one son.  And his son is called Yar Birrain…”….


 Ngarakwal [Yoocum Yoocum] Totemic Lore as told by Charlotte Williams [nee Brown] of the Ngarakwal Githabal moieties – East Coast Australia……winter soslstice1 - coowarragum shadow labelled

The name Yar Birrain has several meanings , one of which is “First Light”….The summit of this sacred Mountain [known as Mt Warning] is the first land in Australia to receive the dawn rays of ‘Mother Sun’….

convergence of the starlore songlines

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