ABC Article highlighting the Starlore Songline from Byron Bay to the Central Desert

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Star maps – Connecting Ngarakabal to Arrenrte Peoples 

Rather than use stars as direction points, the Euahlayi and Kamilaroi elders use the stars as a reminder of where songlines go, often months before they travel to their destination.

“In some cases people have these songlines with the words of the song telling them how to navigate, but they also identify places on the ground with places in the sky,” says Norris.

The songlines covered thousands of kilometres, with one example going from Heavitree Gap near Alice Springs in central Australia, all the way across to Byron Bay on the New South Wales east coast connecting the Arrenrte people to the Euralayi people.

The songline is marked in the sky by the star Achernar in the in the West overhead to Canopus, to Sirius, and then to the east….”…..


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